Detection of patch inductance

author: MagTop
The good or bad detection of the power inductance of the patch can refer to the following aspects:

1. Measurement in packaging size: Use a label cardton to measure the packaging size of the power inductance of the patch to ensure that it is consistent with the size of the demand.

2. Measurement in electrical properties: The electrical performance of the power sensing of the power of the patch is used to test the power sensing of the patch, including parameters such as DC resistance, voltage resistance, and frequency response to ensure that it meets the needs.

3. Good or bad recognition of the upper board test: Install the power inductance of the patch into the circuit, perform the board test to observe whether it can work stably and meet the expected parameters. If the test results do not meet the expectations, you need to further analyze the problem. It may be a problem of the inductance itself, or it may be a problem with other electronic components.

In addition, you can also use a universal meter to measure the DC resistance of the inductor coil to observe whether it is normal. In summary, detecting the power and inductance of the patch requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as packaging size, electrical performance, and upper board testing, and it is necessary to use professional equipment and technical personnel to test.