Do you know what role SMD high power shielding inductors play?

We all know that inductors can be divided into chip inductors and plug-in inductors, chip inductors and plug-in inductors can be subdivided into many kinds, such as: chip common mode inductors, chip power inductors, chip shielded inductors, magnetic ring point inductors, I inductors, bar inductors and other types of inductors. Some of the chip shielded inductors in the chip inductor also belong to the chip power inductor. For SMD power inductors in the SMD shielded inductors you know which?

In fact, this SMD power inductor in SMD shielded inductor depends on how you divide, if we say that if you divide, shielded inductors can also be divided into non-shielded inductors, but also depends on the SMD power inductor is shielded inductors and non-shielded inductors, we can determine is the SMD power inductor in the shielded inductor there must be, or to see how the classification of the method is what.

Shielded inductors are mainly used to do some filtering or smoke non-absorption. Regarding the shielding role of shielded inductors, it will itself have the presence of waves, which will dissipate energy and radiate outward, and if the inductor has a shielding room, its waves will not dissipate outward, that is, it can be shielded, and non-shielded inductors because there is no shielding role, its waves will interfere with the surrounding devices.

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