How to wind a toroidal transformer?

author: MagTop
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1.First wind the primary winding, take high quality and high strength enamelled wire with similar diameter to the original wire, double wire and wind it on the I-shaped wire shuttle, cut it after the number of winding meets the requirements.
2.the double wire head with double-sided adhesive attached to the outer circumference of the ring core, so that the line shuttle in the inner hole of the ring core through.

3.After a layer of coil is wound, brush a layer of insulating paint (conducive to the positioning and insulation of turns), and wrap a layer of glass paper, then wind the second layer of coil.
4.Connect the ends of the two coils to make them in series. Weld out the other two wires with soft leather wires and make insulation. After adding a layer of insulating paper to the primary system, the secondary winding is wound in the same way as the primary winding.
5.After winding coil is wound, the secondary winding can be wound back in turn by following the rule of "first disassembly and then winding, and then disassembly and then winding". There is no need to count turns when winding. As long as the enamelled wire as far as possible, and a turn a turn winding, do not cross each other, generally speaking, the original removed enamelled wire winding light, the number of turns should be about the same as the original number of turns or only 1 ~ 3 turns less.
Note that insulation should be made between each winding. After all winding, put the annular transformer in the thermostat to bake for a period of time, and then wrap the insulation tape on the whole annular transformer. Finally, the ring transformer is dried and dipped, and the ring transformer is finished.
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