What is the RJ45 connectors?

author: MagTop
   The RJ45 connectors is usually used for data transmission, and the most common application is the network interface.
The RJ45 is a type of various connectors; There are two different methods of RJ45 head according to the line, one is orange and white, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown and white, brown; The other is green-white, green, orange-white, blue, blue-white, orange, brown-white, brown; Therefore, there are two kinds of lines using RJ45 connectors: straight line, cross line.

RJ45 network adapter port
10 100Base TX RJ45 ports Are common Ethernet ports that support 10 mbit/s and 100 MBIT/s adaptive network connection speeds. Common RJ45 ports are DTE ports for Ethernet nics and routers and DCE ports for switches. DTE we can call & ldquo; Data terminal equipment ", DCE we can call "data communication equipment". In a sense, DTE devices are called "active communication devices" and DCE devices are called "passive communication devices". When two devices of the same type communicate using an RJ45 connection, a crossover connection must be used.
RJ45 connector of network cable.
 RJ45 cable plug also known as crystal head, a total of eight cores made, widely used in LOCAL area     network and ADSL broadband Internet users network equipment between the network cable (known as the five line or twisted-pair line) connection.