October shipment and the packaging of Magtop product

author: MagTop
smd inductors
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On October 10th, we completed the production and packaging of BTC Company.
BTC is one of the customers which we have been working for many years and they orders a large number of smd inductors from our company every month. BTC has always been very satisfied with our products and services.
Our goods (transformers and inductors and RJ45 connector) are mainly exported to overseas.
As we all know, export overseas transportation is far away, it takes a long time by sea transportation, and the product packaging is easy to cause damage after several turnover by air transportation, so it is important to have a good packaging to protect the product.
The cartons used by our company are all export boxes, and the foam is placed in the cartons to protect the safety of the parts. Our customers who have received the goods are very satisfied with our packaging and appreciate it.