Shipment of Inductors and transformers

author: MagTop
ferrite transformers,filters,inductors, current transformer
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Yesterday We have successfully shipped ferrite transformers/filters/inductors and other electrical magnetic components products to  GEI INC, GEI also is an American company.
We have cooperated with the customer for over a decade, their transformers, filters, inductors and other electronic components supplied always by our factory, especiailly Transformers, The sales volume reached more than USD$300,000 Dollars in one Year!
Generally speaking, all our products are customized, the products you need we can make, but we need according to your demand to design, try to contact us, we can give you the best goods and perfect price.
So if you have new inquiry for transformer, inductor, RJ45 Connectors, Please do not hesitate to contact us, we must offer our best price and lead time for you!
ferrite transformers,filters,inductors