SMD inductor and coil inductor production process

author: MagTop
SMD inductors are fabricated through multiple processes, each with its own proprietary technology. Next, let's take a look at the manufacturing methods of coiled products and laminated products.

1. Reel

① Magnetic core production

After the process of powder → forming → firing, electrodes are formed on the produced magnetic core.
② reel (coil inductor)

Wrap the wire around the core and connect the end of the wire to the core.
③Frame processing

Clamp the rolled core with the frame.

Resin is injected into the coil clamped by the frame.
⑤Terminal processing

The resin-wrapped coil is cut open and the portion of the frame left on the coil is folded into the electrode.

2. Laminate

①Manufacture of jelly

Ferrite powder is mixed with resin to make ferrite jelly.
② Forming into sheets and printing

The ferrite gel is made into thin sheets and electrodes are printed on it.
③ Laminate

The sheets of the ferrite gel with the printed electrodes are stacked and pressed under pressure.

④Cut and burn

It is cut to the specified size with a sheet metal knife and fired in a firing furnace.
⑤Coating electrodes, electroplating

Put the fired coil into the JIG board, and then dip the JIG board into the electrode paste to coat both ends of the coil with electrodes. After firing, immerse the entire coil in the electroplating solution.