The function and structure composition of Radial inductor

author: MagTop
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The role of the Radial inductor:
1, energy storage, filtering in the power supply, so that the electrical source is more stable.

2, oscillation, in the switch circuit to form the oscillation component, do boost

3, dry resistance, do choke in the power supply, do the difference mode inductance, to prevent the harmonic components of the power supply pollution of the power grid, also prevent the harmonic components of the power grid interference to the power supply, play a role in stability.

Structural composition of Radial inductor

The skeleton of the Radial inductor is supported by the winding of a copper core coil.
Radial inductor-inductance is one of the properties of an electronic circuit or device and refers to:
, when the current changes of resistance current changes due to electromagnetic induction electromotive force some large fixed inductor or adjustable inductance (e.g., oscillation coil, choke coil, etc.), commonly used h inductors are seen as a vertical axis inductance, convenient application and axial inductance are similar, but the commonly used h inductor can have a greater volume of inductance type,
Electric current can also be used to improve;
Most of the enameled wire (or gauze wire) is wound directly on the skeleton, and then the magnetic core or copper core, iron core, etc. is loaded into the inner cavity of the skeleton to improve its inductance.
The skeleton is usually made of plastic, bakelite, ceramic, according to the actual needs can be made into different shapes.
Small inductor coils, such as Radial inductor, usually do not use a skeleton, but wrap enameled wires directly around the core.