Types of Transformer

author: MagTop
high frequency switching transformers
In the power system, the transformer occupies a very important position, our daily life is also widely seen in the transformer equipment, so the transformer is very important, as a power person, we should have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of the transformer. 

First of all, the transformer is mainly composed of two parts coil and core, it is a kind of electrostatic equipment. The coil is composed of no less than 2 windings, which are divided into primary coil and secondary coil. Among them, the former is the winding connected with the power supply, and the other windings are the latter.

There are many kinds of transformers, according to different classification, there are many different kinds of transformers, the role is not the same. There are usually three kinds of classification of transformers, the first is divided according to the number of power phase, the second is divided according to the cooling mode, and the third is divided according to the working frequency, as follows:

The first division: according to the number of power phase can be divided into single-phase transformer, three-phase transformer, multi-phase transformer.

The second cooling mode can be divided into: dry transformer, oil-immersed transformer. The former is often a small capacity transformer, usually used for local lighting and other places, its cooling mode is to cool the air convection; The latter is generally used for environmental lighting and other places, using oil to cool, self-cooling.
The third can be divided into the following four kinds according to the working frequency:
1. Pulse transformer: usually appears in the pulse circuit, such as the line output transformer in our home TV is one of them.
2. Low frequency transformers: voltage conversion or impedance matching components, mainly audio transformers and power transformers.
3. Medium frequency transformer: also known as mid cycle, not only has the characteristics of low frequency transformer, but also has the characteristics of resonance at a fixed frequency. It is used in a wide range, such as radio, TELEVISION medium frequency transformers.
4. High-frequency transformer: also a lot of use, such as magnetic antenna in radio, antenna impedance matcher in TELEVISION, etc.