About electronic transformers

author: MagTop
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According to the electromagnetic compatibility and safety requirements of commonly used electronic transformers, a filter network and an input protection circuit are added to the input end, and an output protection circuit is added, which greatly improves the performance of the transformer.
In the past, in the lighting industry, most of the supporting power supplies used were traditional iron-core transformers. Traditional transformers have the advantages of simple manufacturing process and high reliability. However, traditional iron-core transformers are large in size and weight; when overloaded, the output voltage will drop. Harmonics are generated; when a non-linear load is applied, the distorted current is coupled into the power grid through the transformer, causing pollution to the power grid; when the power measurement voltage is disturbed, it is preferentially transmitted to the load side, resulting in an impact on the sensitive load. and
At this time, the electronic transformer was born, which greatly improved the safety and reliability of the original product.

Compared with traditional transformers, electronic transformers have stable working conditions, good safety performance and high reliability, and all the work indicators after their components have reached the design requirements.