EI transformer, R transformer, Toroidal transformer

author: MagTop
EI transformer
In low-frequency power transformers, EI transformers, R transformers, Toroidal transformers can be replaced by each other, these power transformers are AC to AC. Specific to the characteristics, economy, volume and other factors, there are different choices, the following is a simple description of the three transformer external differences. 
1)EI transformer, the use of the iron core is the more common "EI" transformer core. Winding process is simple, low efficiency, low cost (mainly cheap equipment). EI transformer production process is simple, low efficiency, low power transformer cost, small size. 
2)R-type transformer (also known as U-type transformer), the core is made of two "U" core pair, winding process is simple, high efficiency, but the core production process is more complex, the cost is slightly higher. Easy to install, slightly higher efficiency, very small magnetic leakage, low loss, good frequency table characteristics. 
3)Toroidal transformer (also known as "0" transformer), the core is wound with strip silicon steel sheet. The winding process is complex, high efficiency and high cost. Because of its high permeability, the volume can be much smaller under the same power. Also known as "ring cow", instant current is large, fast reaction speed, is the first choice of advanced audio power amplifier power transformer.

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