Inductor manufacturer: The difference between choke inductors and conventional inductors

author: MagTop
Common mode inductors,choke coils,choke inductor
Many customers purchase a component called a choke inductor or choke coil when they purchase an inductor.
As for choke inductors, many people only look at its name, as if they have never heard of the inductor product.
But when it comes to choke inductors another name, I believe most people can know.
That is common mode inductance.
Common mode inductors are also called choke inductors and choke coils.
So now look at the difference between choke inductors and conventional inductors is relatively simple, the difference between the two mainly has the following points:
1. Different structure: Traditional inductance products are usually produced by one set of windings, while choke inductors are made by two sets of symmetrical structure windings.
Conventional inductors typically have only two lead terminals, while choke inductors have four lead terminals.
2. Different functions:
Conventional inductors usually play the role of energy storage, traffic line isolation, filtering and so on.
Choke inductors have the function of suppressing electromagnetic interference in circuits and are often used in circuit safety tests.
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