High frequency transformer manufacturing process points 1 Winding

author: MagTop
High frequency transformer manufacturing process points 1 Winding
A Determine the parameters of BOBBIN.

B All winding shall be flat and non-overlapping as the principle.
C Single group winding with monochrome wire can, double
group winding must be double color wire or open wire dipped tinto separate the foot position, so as to avoid wrong winding.
D The straddling line must be isolated with tape:
1. The winding is completely and evenly spaced
2. Wrap the cables evenly and tightly
3. Keep A safe distance A, B between both sides of the coil and the edge of the winding groove.
4. The length of the sleeve must be sufficient. One end of the
sleeve should be extended within the safety tape of the wound
pipe, and the other end should be extended beyond the upper
surface of the BOBBIN, but should not be near the PIN.
5. The outermost adhesive tape is cut on the combined surface of the iron core, and the cutting place must be covered by the iron core.
6. The edge of the tape is flush with the winding groove, and
the tape is not skewed, folded or damaged.
  1. Tape must be affixed to the bottom of the spanning wire to
keep the spanning wire insulated from the bottom coil.