Introduction to high frequency transformers

author: MagTop
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High-frequency transformer is a power transformer whose working frequency exceeds medium frequency (10kHz). It is mainly used as a high-frequency
switching power transformer in high-frequency switching powersupply, and alsoused as a high-frequency inverter power transformer in high-frequency 
inverter power supply and high-frequency inverter welding machie. According 
to the working frequency, it can be divided into several grades: 10Khz-50khz, 50Khz-100khz, 100kHz ~ 500kHz, 500kHz ~ 1MHz, 10MH and above.

High frequency transformer Introduction
High frequency transformer is the main part of switching power supply.
There are many topologies in switching power supply. For example, in the half-bridge power conversion circuit, the two switching triodes turn on in turn togenerate 100kHz high-frequency pulse wave, and then the voltage is changed through the high-frequency transformer to output alternating current. 
The proportion of turns of each winding coil of the high-frequency
transformer determines the output voltage. A typical half bridge type transformer circuit in the most conspicuous is three high frequency transformer, the main transformer, transformer and auxiliary transformer (standby transformer),each transformer in the regulations of the state has its own measure, such
as main transformer, as long as it is more than 200 w power supply, its corediameter (level) shall not be less than 35 mm. The auxiliary transformer,
when the power supply power is not more than 300W, its core diameter of 16mm is enough.