Low frequency transformer material introduction

author: MagTop
Introduction of material
Here we mainly for the material of the winding frame, the raw material of the low-frequency transformer wire frame is generally plastic, but there are many kinds of plastic: commonly used Nylon, PBT, PET, etc..
A. Nylon Nylon is strong in toughness, but easy to deform. During production, you can add Glass fiber to increase its strength. For example, Dupot Zytel FR-50, FR-15, 70G33L, South Asia 6210G6, 6410G5.
B. PET has good environmental protection effect, relatively brittle material and high grade. For example: Dupot Rynite FR-530L, New Light T102G30, South Asia 4410G.
C. PBT is intermediate between the above two materials. Such as: Changchun PTT-4115, PTT-4130 (including 30% glass fiber), Xinguang T102G30. Note: UL new regulation PBT contains no more than 20% glass fiber.
A. Models are generally divided into metric and British systems. The metric system is usually in mm and the British system in inch. For example, the metric EI-48 T=0.5 means that the width of CORE is 48mm and the thickness is 0.5mm, but the representation of the Imperial system is EI.675 26GA.
B. Specifications 1. Orientation type: America M-4, M-5, M-6, Britain 28M4, 30M5, 30M6, Japan 27Z130(Z9), 30Z140(Z10), 35Z155(Z11), China Q09(0.27), Q09(0.3), Q10(0.35);
Non-oriented: American M-15, M-19, M-22, M-36, British G250, G265, G315, G335, Japanese H9, H10, H12, H14, Chinese W09, W10, W12, W14. In addition to the above two specifications, there are A product (braised) and N product (not braised), there are also called black and white pieces.
C. Thickness oriented type 0.23, 0.27, 0.30, 0.35, non-oriented type 0.35(0.36 29GA), 0.5(0.47 26GA), silicon steel sheet, also known as electrical steel plate, is the most widely used and the largest amount of a soft magnetic material in the power and electronics industry. It has high magnetic induction value (BS= about 2T), low iron loss, no precious elements, low price, many grades of performance.
D.D.(UEW) enameled wire Class B and S.S.(PEW) enameled wire Class B, Class F.