The influence of the environment on the high frequency transformer

author: MagTop
Today, I mainly talk about the impact of the environment on high-frequency transformers in three parts: the impact of organisms on high-frequency transformers; the impact of solar radiation and temperature on high-frequency transformers, and the impact of precipitation and wind on high-frequency transformers.
High Frequency Transformers

1. The harm of organisms to transformers mainly lies in packaging and structure. It is mainly reflected in that the biological entry into the product causes harm to the performance and function of the product.
Even lead to product failure. Especially on high voltage equipment!
2. The harm of solar radiation is mainly caused by the increase of the temperature of the equipment working outdoors. In addition, the aging effect of light reduces the life of products, especially plastic products. Therefore, for equipment working outdoors, as much as possible. Low plastic content.
3. The hazards of precipitation and wind are mainly to increase the humidity inside the equipment, reduce the insulation level of the equipment, and even cause the performance of the equipment to decrease and function to fail. If the protection is not good, it will cause permanent damage to the equipment