The cause of the blackening of the pins of high-frequency transformers

author: MagTop
220v  transformer
When used in daily life, we often encounter the blackening of high-frequency transformers. In simple terms, the cause of blackening is the oxidation of copper wires and blackening of metals. Next, I will explain to you the reasons for the blackening of high-frequency transformers.  we're the high-frequency transformer manufactruers.
1. Copper wire insulation problem
Copper wire insulating paints can be divided into five categories: impregnated paints, wire enamels, covering paints, silicon steel sheet paints and anti-smudge paints. Among them, impregnating paint is used to impregnate motors and electrical high-frequency transformers. The impregnating paint can fill the gaps and micropores in the insulation system, and form a continuous paint film on the surface of the impregnating object, so that the high-frequency transformer is bonded into a strong whole, which effectively improves the integrity, thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, dielectric strength and mechanical strength of the insulation system. Secondly, it also plays a role in heat dissipation. After the insulating paint is soaked, the dried high-frequency transformer can be seen as a whole, and the heat of the inner and outer layers is easily conducted, which plays the role of heat dissipation. At present, the production process and preparation method of impregnating paint and insulating oil used by some manufacturers are still relatively backward, and the impregnating paint produced and processed is easy to fall off and fail after a long time.

2. Environmental issues of use
In the process of using high-frequency transformer copper wire, collision and friction often occur, flushing is slow, a large amount of water comes into contact with high-frequency transformer, and waste oil is used for lubrication, resulting in residual conductor surface, damage to the insulation layer, and oxidation of conductors in subsequent processing.

3. Copper wire annealing process
Copper wire annealing is a metal heat treatment in which copper wire is slowly heated to a certain high temperature, then maintained for a period of time, and then cooled at a corresponding rate. Copper wire annealing can reduce hardness, improve machinability, eliminate residual stress, stabilize dimensions, and reduce deformation and crack tendency. Refine grains, adjust structure, eliminate structural defects. However, according to the experience of Jinyang high-frequency transformers, once the temperature is higher than 50 °C in the production process, it is stipulated that the vacuum time is insufficient, the SO2 content is high, and the protective gas is impure will cause insufficient annealing, and the copper wire is easy to black after a period of time.

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