The Features of high frequency electronic transformers

author: MagTop
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Electronic transformer is a new type of power conversion equipment, which not only has the basic functions of voltage conversion, electrical isolation and energy transfer of traditional power transformers, but also can realize power quality regulation, system power flow control and reactive power compensation and other additional functions. The reason why the power electronic transformer can realize these additional functions is mainly because it can flexibly process and control the amplitude and phase of the primary and secondary voltage or current of the transformer through the introduction of power electronic conversion technology and control technology, and can control the power flow of the system according to actual needs. Therefore, power electronic transformers can achieve more stable and flexible power transmission, which can solve many problems in today's power system, and its application prospects will be very broad.
Compared with traditional power transformers, PET has the following characteristics:
(1) Small size and light weight;
(2) It can be cooled with air, no insulation oil is required for isolation, reducing pollution, and it is convenient to maintain and have good safety;
(3) It can make the secondary side of the transformer output a voltage of constant amplitude;
(4) It can improve power quality, can obtain the input current and output voltage of sinusoidal waveform, and can achieve a unit power factor, and the voltage and current on both sides of the transformer can be controlled, so the power factor can be adjusted arbitrarily;
(5) With the function of circuit breaker, high-power power electronic devices can instantaneously (in subtle time) turn off the fault high current, eliminating the relay protection device.