What is a toroidal transformers

toroidal transformers is a large type of electronic transformer, which has been widely used in household appliances and other electronic equipment with high technical requirements. Its main purpose is to be a power transformer and an isolation transformer. Ring transformers have a complete series abroad, which are widely used in computers, medical equipment, telecommunications, instruments and lighting. In the past ten years, ring transformers have been developed from scratch in China. So far, a considerable production scale has been formed. In addition to meeting domestic demand, they are also exported in large quantities. It is mainly used in audio equipment and automatic control equipment of household appliances and quartz lamp lighting in China.
Characteristics of ring transformer
The core with high electrical efficiency has no air gap, and the stacking factor can be as high as 95%.
The vibration noise is small. There is no air gap in the core, which can reduce the noise of induced vibration of the core. The winding evenly and tightly surrounds the annular core, effectively reducing the "buzz" caused by magnetostriction.
Low operating temperature because the iron loss can be 1.1w/kg, the iron loss is very small, the core temperature rise is low, and the winding has good heat dissipation on the core with low temperature, so the temperature rise of the transformer is low.
It is easy to install the ring transformer. There is only one mounting screw in the center, which is especially easy to quickly install and disassemble in electronic equipment.