What is an electronic current transformer

author: kaylynn
Optical current transformers. It refers to the use of optical devices as the current sensor to be measured, and the optical devices are composed of optical glass, all-fiber, etc. Optical fiber is used in the transmission system, 
and the output voltage is proportional to the measured current. According to the physical characteristics of the light wave modulated by the measured current, 
the light wave modulation can be divided into intensity modulation, wavelength modulation, phase modulation and polarization modulation.

Electronic current transformers usually have higher bandwidth and are suitable for fundamental and harmonic measurements of currents with high harmonic content. In order to measure the power accurately, a voltage and current combined electronic transformer can also be used, because the combined electronic transformer can better control the phase difference of the voltage and current signals and improve the accuracy of power measurement.

Large dynamic range, high measurement accuracy and wide frequency response range. When the power grid is in normal operation, the current flowing through the current transformer is not large, but the short-circuit current is generally large, and with the increase of the power grid capacity, the short-circuit current is getting larger and larger. Unconventional transformers have a wide dynamic range, which can meet the needs of measurement and relay protection at the same time