What is an inductor?

author: KZ
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Inductance includes self-inductance and mutual inductance. The main function of the inductor is to isolate and filter the AC signal or form a resonant circuit with capacitors and resistors. Self-inductance is when a current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is generated around the coil. When the current in the coil changes, the magnetic field around it also changes correspondingly. This changing magnetic field can cause the coil itself to generate an induced electromotive force (the electromotive force is used to represent the terminal voltage of the ideal power supply of the active element), which is the self-inductance. It is recommended to consult Huizhou MagTop Electronic Co., Ltd. Our main product line includes various transformers, inductors, coils, filters and RJ45 connectors with LAN transformers, etc. Products are widely used in digital equipment, personal computers, AV equipment, automotive products, communication equipment and medical equipment. By the way, high-quality products are sold to mainland China, East and South Asia, Europe and North America.