The Classification of electronic transformers

author: MagTop
Power transformer,Audio transformers,Pulse transformer,Communication transformer,Power frequency transformer
In this article, we will introduce the classification of electronic transformers
1. Classification by operating frequency:
Power frequency transformer: operating frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz
Intermediate frequency transformer: operating frequency is 400Hz or 1KHz
Audio transformer: operating frequency is 20Hz or 20KHz
Super audio transformer: more than 20KHz, not more than 100KHz
High-frequency transformer: The operating frequency is usually above KHz to hundreds of KHz.
2. Classification by use:
Power transformer: A transformer used to provide the power required by electronic devices
Audio transformers: transformers used in audio amplification circuits and audio equipment
Pulse transformer: A transformer working in a pulse circuit, and its waveform is generally a unipolar rectangular pulse wave
Special transformer: transformer with a special function, such as parametric transformer, voltage stabilized transformer, super isolation transformer, transmission
Line transformers, magnetic leakage transformers
Switching power transformer: Used in switching power supply circuits for transformers
Communication transformer: a transformer used for DC isolation and filtering in communication networks