The advantages of electronic transformers

author: MagTop
High frequency transformer,switching transformer,Electronic transformer
Electronic transformer, input is AC220V, output is AC12V, power up to 50W-300W. It is mainly a transformer circuit developed on the basis of high-frequency electronic ballast circuit, which has stable performance, small size and high power, thus overcoming the shortcomings of traditional silicon steel sheet transformers such as large, bulky and high price.
An electronic transformer is an unregulated switching power supply, which is actually an inverter. First, the alternating current is rectified into direct current. Then use electronic components to form a high-frequency oscillator to change direct current into high-frequency alternating current, output the required voltage through the switching transformer, and then secondary rectification for electrical appliances. Switching power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight and low price, so it is widely used in various electrical appliances.