Characteristics and working principle of control power transformers

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control power transformers

Magtop is a manufacturer of transformers, power supplies, circuit breakers, reactors and EMI filters. Applications: Mechanical engineering, drive or track technology, and renewable energy.
Today is mainly about the characteristics and working principle of Magtop transformer.
First, the characteristics of Magtop transformer
Classification of Magtop transformers: control power transformer, control transformer, safety transformer, coupling transformer, ring transformer, PCB transformer
1. Magtop control power transformer
Features: The Magtop can use a control power transformer with current isolation, rated between 0.5 VA and 2,500 VA, which provides at least basic isolation between the primary and secondary sides.
2. Magtop control transformer
Features: The Magtop control transformer with current isolation is used to power control systems for more than two users.Rated power: 20 VA to 25, 000 VA
3. Magtop safety transformer
Features: Magtop safety transformer with current isolation "provides power to the power circuit.Safety transformers provide safe voltages below 50 Vac or 120 Vdc.The rated power range of the Magtop is between 0.5 VA and 2,500 VA.
4. Magtop coupling transformer
Features: The Magtop coupled transformer has the function of fine tuning voltage, low loss, can be reversed operation, output power: 150 VA to 250,000 VA.
5. Magtop ring transformer
Features: Produces small magnetic field, is free from interference of surrounding elements, has a low design height, can save installation space, rated power: 0.35 VA to 3,000 VA.
6. Magtop PCB transformer
Features: PCB transformer is vacuum formed, high voltage resistance, provides safe electrical isolation for input and output, output power: 0.35 VA to 50 VA
Two, Magtop transformer working principle:
Magtop transformer consists of an iron core (or magnetic core) and a coil. The coil has two or more windings, among which the winding connected to the power supply is called the primary coil and the rest is called the secondary coil.
Magtop transformer is a device that transforms AC voltage, current and impedance. When AC current passes through the primary coil, AC flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core) to induce voltage (or current) in the secondary coil.
MagTop Company initially founded in 2005. Is a professional R & D design, manufacturing and sales of various types of magnetic components products of technological enterprises.
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