Differences and current types between chip inductors and chip capacitors

The wound inductors,Chip inductors
The difference between chip inductors and chip capacitors is easy to understand, but it is difficult for most people to tell the difference because there are many similarities between chip inductors and chip capacitors. The following explains how to introduce the difference between chip inductors and chip capacitors, as well as the types of current in chip inductors.

The difference between chip inductors and chip capacitors

1. Packaging differences

Generally speaking, if it is installed on a disk, we can see the label above, the unit of capacitance is uf, pf, nf, on the contrary, the unit of inductance is nh, uh, mh.

2. Appearance differences

If it is in bulk, we can experience the difference in appearance, the color of the chip inductor is lighter, not very black, and there is no yellowish, the color of the chip capacitor is generally darker, there are black and yellowish, if not Confirm, you can use the following method to get more accuracy.

3. Multimeter test

The easiest way is to test with a multimeter and test both ends with the multimeter's open file. If the buzzer sounds, it's an inductor, but if you don't, it's a capacitor.

Various currents of chip inductors

SMD inductor is an inductor that distinguishes more types of inductors in inductive components, and is also widely used in daily life, such as shared bicycles, cars, and some household appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

The use of inductors depends on many parameters, such as inductance, current, scale, etc., but do you know which type of inductor has a relatively small current? What kind of inductor has a large current?

Friends who know inductors know that chip inductors have the characteristics of small size, high quality and large energy storage, and can be used in highly automated placement.

There are many relatively small currents in chip inductors, such as some ferrite chip inductors, including small volume GCN and GCD chip inductors, these inductors have relatively small currents, due to the small current, Then these chip inductors are basically used in the class where the current is not very large, such as the DC to DC class with relatively small power, or the power supply class with relatively small power.

SMD inductors and high current inductors, some of which are used for step-down or above, such as GCDB inductors, whose current is relatively large, these inductors are mostly used in smart home, LED street lights, automobiles and other fields. There are many types of high-current chip inductors, such as GCDH, integrated inductors, etc. These inductors are relatively large due to current flow.

Above is an overview of inductors and capacitors and each type of current. If you want to know more about chip inductors, please feel free to contact us.

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