Introduction and application of SMD inductors

author: MagTop
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SMD inductors are also known as power inductors, high current inductors and surface mount high power inductors. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. The power chip inductor is divided into two types: with magnetic cover and without magnetic cover. It is mainly composed of magnetic core and copper wire. It mainly plays the role of filtering and oscillation in the circuit. effect.

Products are widely used in digital products, PDAs, notebook computers, mobile phones, network communications, graphics cards, LCD backlights, power modules, automotive electronics, security products, office automation, home appliances, walkie-talkies, electronic toys, sports equipment and medical equipment, etc. .

There are four main types of chip inductors, namely wire wound type, laminated type, braided type and thin film chip inductors. Commonly used are two types of winding type and laminated type. The former is the product of miniaturization of traditional wire wound inductors; the latter is produced by multi-layer printing technology and laminated production process, and its volume is smaller than that of wire wound chip inductors, and is a key product developed in the field of inductance components.