Discuss the specific classification of low-frequency transformers

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Low frequency transformer belongs to a kind of input transformer, its shape is similar to the power transformer in the extreme.

There are low frequency transformers, and naturally there are high frequency transformers, what is low frequency and high frequency?

The so-called high frequency transformer, naturally because the frequency of high and low is not the same, each has a different meaning, the transmission of signal voltage is naturally not the same, signal power for high frequency transformer and low frequency transformer signal difference is also a great difference.
Let's talk about it.

In the use of transformer at the same time, we must make sure that their use is not correct, otherwise not use the transformer, it can be said to be nerve-wracking.
Low-frequency transformer is a kind of equipment used to transmit signal voltage and signal power, which can reach the impedance matching between the circuits, and has the effect of isolation.

Depending on the specific position of the pendulum in the circuit, the low-frequency transformer can be coupled between the stage transformer, input transformer and output transformer.

1. The interstage coupling transformer is used between the two stages of audio amplifying circuit, as a coupling element, the output signal of the former stage amplifying circuit is transmitted to the latter stage, and a reasonable impedance conversion is done.

2. The input transformer is the transformer used between the audio propulsion stage and the power expansion stage to achieve the effect of signal coupling and transmission.

3. The output transformer is connected to the output circuit of the power amplifier and the speaker between each other, the first signal transmission and impedance matching effect, output transformer is also divided into single-end output transformer and push-pull output transformer two kinds.

Low frequency transformer adopts high efficiency, low loss, environmental protection line design;  With overvoltage maintenance, overload protection.
The product is beautiful and generous, the shell adopts high temperature resistance and flame retardant, the adoption of ultrasonic welding, the use of safe and reliable;
The output interference is very small, the output voltage is stable, and the service life of the external appliance can be extended faster.