Introduction to common materials of power transformer

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As a power supply technology and power electronics technology are used throughout the soft magnetic components, the power transformer has the effect of voltage change, insulation and power transmission, so if you want to wind a transformer then what materials need to use?

1. The power transformer needs to use insulation materials and impregnated materials

In the transformer winding, whether in the winding barrier or the barrier between the coil frame layer need to use insulation data.
Most of the frame materials will choose to use phenolic cardboard for manufacturing, and the barrier between the layers of mylar or telephone paper can be used.
As for the application of impregnation data is the last process, can effectively improve the mechanical strength of the transformer, but also can extend the service life of the transformer.
Now we use cresol varnish is more impregnation material, can be very good to improve the insulation function of transformer.

2. The power transformer needs to use iron core material

The core data is mainly composed of high silicon wafers, low silicon wafers and iron wafers. By adding silicon to the steel wafers, the electrical conductivity of the steel wafers can be reduced, which can effectively add resistivity and reduce loss.
In daily life, we generally call these steel sheets with silicon as silicon steel sheets.
The quality of silicon steel sheet can affect the quality of power transformer to a large extent.

3. The power transformer needs to use the materials commonly used in winding current transformer

These commonly used information includes gauze, silk and enameled wire, among which enameled wire has the most extensive application advantages.
In the selection of wires, it is best to select wires with excellent conductive function and good heat resistance of insulating paint. Of course, corrosion resistance to a certain extent is also essential.
Under normal circumstances, QZ model of high strength polyester enameled wire is a very good choice.