How to connect 220v transformer to 12v

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1. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the two wires. The two wires with high resistance are connected to 220V and the one with low resistance is connected to 12V.

Outside most of this type of press, power side on a group of terminals, low voltage side 36V24V12V several groups of outlet.
After the power supply is connected, use a multimeter on the low-voltage side to measure the indicated voltage to the 12V terminal.

2. Use the multimeter to pass a lower resistance level, such as Rx1 or Rx10.
Pairwise connected as a group, and then measure the size of the resistance value, the larger resistance value of the group is the input, connected with 220V.

If the windings of the transformer can be seen, the end with the smaller wire diameter is connected to the input.

3, 220V 12V transformer is generally red line input, black line output, but different manufacturers will also have differences.
In this case, you can see the label on the transformer. The label will specify the input voltage of the transformer, the input lead color, and the output voltage and the output lead color.
If you are not sure, you can also ask the manufacturer when wiring.

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