Making common mode inductors’ requirements

author: MagTop
common-mode inductor, iron core inductor,ferrite inductor
  1. The wires wound on the magnetic core of the coil should be insulated to   ensure that there is no breakdown and short circuit between the turns of   the coil under the action of instantaneous overvoltage;

      2. When the coil flows through the instantaneous large current, the magnetic core should not be saturated;
  1. The magnetic core in the coil should be insulated from the coil to  prevent breakdown between the two under instantaneous overvoltage;
  1. The coil should be wound in a single layer as far as possible, which can reduce the parasitic capacitance of the coil and enhance the resistance of the coil to instantaneous overvoltage.

       In general, attention should be paid to the frequency band required for filtering. The larger the common-mode impedance is, the better. Therefore, device data should be consulted when selecti ng the common-mode inductor(iron core inductor,ferrite inductor), and the selection should be mainly based on the impedance frequency curve. In addition, the influence of the differential mode impedance on the signal should be considered in the selection, mainly focusing on the differential mode impedance, especially the high-speed port.