How to select the core of a ring inductor?

author: MagTop
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The higher the permeability of the magnetic ring inductor, the lower the temperature it can withstand. If the inductance of the magnetic ring inductor is very high, the number of winding coils of the inductor can be reduced, and the large wire diameter copper wire winding system can be used.
Choose the appropriate magnetic core according to your own needs, but the core selection principle of magnetic ring inductor is generally unchanged, there are the following points.

1. The size of the magnetic ring should be complete and smooth, without any protrusion, and the longer the better.
2. The closer the aperture of the magnetic core is to the cable through, the better.

3. In the low frequency band, 2-3 turns are recommended. In the high frequency band, no turns are allowed.
What is the relationship between the color of a magnetic ring and its material?
Most of the magnetic rings need to be painted to facilitate the difference. Generally, iron powder core is distinguished by two colors, commonly used are red/transparent, yellow/red, green/red, green/blue and yellow/white, manganese core ring is generally painted green, iron silicon aluminum is generally all black and so on.
In fact, the color of the magnetic ring after firing has no inevitable relationship with the coating dyeing after spraying, but it is just an agreement in the industry.
For example, green represents a high-permeability magnetic ring;
The double color represents the iron powder core magnetic ring;
Black represents iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring and so on.