What is the current loss of 2 kva transformer?

author: FT

The current loss of the 2 kva transformer is 900W*200=180000W.Because transformers have power loss, 1KVA capacity transformer is generally about 900W.
The loss of the transformer is divided into iron loss and copper loss two parts:
1: winding copper loss, P=I2Ri, note that is the effective value of current.The total copper loss of the transformer is the algebraic sum of each winding. When the wire diameter is less than two times the penetration depth, the skin effect is not considered, and the DC resistance can be directly used to calculate, otherwise, the AC resistance is used.
2: iron loss, depending on the frequency and magnetic induction intensity, circuit working state, material, etc., for bipolar switch P=Pb*Gb that is the product of unit iron loss and mass, and unipolar is half of it.

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