What's the difference between one transformer and two transformers in the equalizer transformer

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Equalizing transformer There is no difference between one transformer and two transformers, the principle is the same, according to needs, double voltage than single voltage multiple windings, 3 wire is two wire heads together, 4 wire is not merged, 3 wire is usually symmetrical winding, 4 wire can be two winding voltages are different, if it is also symmetric winding,It can be connected in parallel or in series for different purposes.A power transformer with a single set of output has two output leads, which can be interpreted as: one is the neutral line and the other is the live line, for example, 0-12V.A power transformer with two sets of output has three or four output leads, and it is of two types.Take the output voltage of 12V for example, output double 12V transformer has three lines, one of which is a public line, that is, the middle of the second line (0V line);During production, the head is pulled out from the middle, in the form of: 12V-0-12V. When the second line in the middle is not used, it is 24V when connected with the first line and the third line.

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