Toroidal transformer’s Working principle

author: MagTop
Auto transformer, toroidal transformer
The working principle of a toroidal transformer is the same as that of a transformer, both of which use the principle of electric-magnetic and magnetic-electric conversion. The following circuit is shown in Figure 1-1 to explain the
working principle of the transformer. 
When the AC voltage U1 is sent to both ends of the primary winding L1 of the transformer (the number of turns is N1), the AC current I1 flows through L1, and L1 immediately generates a magnetic field. The magnetic 
inductance line of the magnetic field is coupled to the secondary winding L2(the number of turns is N2) along the iron core with good magnetic conductivity, and the induced electromotive force is immediately generated on L2, which is equivalent to a power supply. 
Since L2 is connected to load R as a closed circuit, L2 has AC current I2 output and flow through load R, and the voltage at both ends of R is U2. 
The primary winding of the Auto transformer is converted to electromagnetism, while the secondary winding is converted to electromagnetism.
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