What points should be paid attention to when using three-layer insulated wire in high-frequency transformers?

author: MagTop
High frequency transformer triple insulated wire is a high-performance insulated wire, this wire has three insulation layers, the middle is the core wire, the first layer is a golden yellow polyamine film, its thickness is several microns, but can withstand 3KV pulse high voltage, the second layer is high insulation paint coating, the third layer is transparent glass fiber layer, the total thickness of the insulation layer is only 20-100um, its advantage is high insulation strength, any two layers can withstand AC 3000V safety voltage, current density is large.
When we use three-layer insulated wire, we should pay attention to the following points,
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 1. The storage conditions of the three-layer insulated wire are -25~30 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is 5%~75%, and the shelf life is One year. It is forbidden to store three-layer insulated wire in high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, and dust environment. For the three layers beyond the storage period
The edge line must be re-tested for insulation breakdown voltage, withstand voltage, and windability before it can be used.
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2. The following precautions should be paid attention to when winding: the three-layer insulated wire is strengthened by the film. If the film is subjected to mechanical stress or when serious deformation and damage occur due to thermal stress, safety standards cannot be guaranteed; There must be no burrs on the transformer skeleton, contact The corner part of the wire should be rounded (forming a chamfer), and the inner diameter of the outlet should be 2~3 times the outer diameter of the wire; The severed wire is not terminated
Very sharp, do not close to the wire covering.
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3. When peeling the film, special equipment such as three-layer insulated wire stripping machine and adjustable film stripping machine should be used. It is characterized by melting on one side
The film is peeled off on one side, so it does not damage the wire. If you use a common wire stripping machine to peel off the insulation film,There is a risk that the wire may be pulled thin or even broken.