Introduction and classification of Toroidal transformer

author: MagTop
Introduction of Toroidal transformer
Toroidal transformer is one type of electronic transformers, has been widely used in household appliances and other high technical requirements of electronic equipment, its main use is as a power transformer and isolation transformer. Toroidal transformers have a complete series in foreign countries, widely used in computers, medical equipment, telecommunications, instruments and lighting, etc. 
In the past ten years, China's toroidal transformer has grown from scratch, so far has formed a considerable production scale, in addition to meet domestic demand, but also a large number of exports. Domestic mainly used in home appliances audio equipment and automatic control equipment and quartz lamp lighting and other aspects.

Product categories:
According to foreign literature, Toroidal transformer can be divided into standard type, economic type and isolation type, etc.,

The characteristics of each type are:
  1. Standard power transformer products
The capacity of the series is 8 ~ 1500VA, with a small voltage adjustment rate, the temperature rise of the full load is only 40℃, allowing short-time overload operation, suitable for the use of high requirements. The primary windings are insulated with class B (130℃) polyester film, which requires at least three layers of insulation tape, and can withstand the ac 4000V, 1min voltage test.
  1. Economical power transformer products
The capacity of the series is 50 ~ 1500VA, and the cost is reduced on the basis of ensuring the performance. It is suitable for continuous operation without overloading. The operating temperature is 60℃, the insulation material is grade A (105℃), and the output voltage error is less than 3% when the load is full.
  1. Isolating transformer products
Series capacity of 50 ~ 1000VA, and can be divided into industrial and medical equipment for two series. Isolation transformer is focused on its insulation performance, primary and secondary with B level of polyester film insulation at least 4 layers, breakdown voltage is greater than 4000V, all primary must use double insulation wire. The maximum temperature rise of the transformer is lower than 45 ° C.
  1. Isolation transformers for medical use
In addition to the above requirements, the isolation transformer for medical use should also meet the UL544 standard, that is, the primary and secondary windings should have thermal protection, and the distance between the windings and the grounding copper shield should be greater than 13mm.