Introduction to Single Phase Transformers

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1:1 transformers refer to isolation transformers, which are divided into single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers. The structure and voltage of these two transformers are different. The primary and secondary voltages of single-phase transformers are 220v. The voltage on both sides of the phase is 380v, DG-2KVA 2KW 2000W 220v to 220v model is a single-phase isolation transformer, (220v to 220v transformers) voltage 220v transformers, power 2kva, household single-phase 5kw automatic AC voltage stabilizer (stabilized power supply) 220v110V, SG-105KVA Transformer voltage 380V/415V, high-power power regulator SBW-60KVA, Baqing County control box manufacturer, 50 transformers. 

 220v to 220v transformers, isolation transformer
1:1 single-phase isolation transformer main parameters and characteristics
1. Input voltage: 220v 380v 440v 460v 525v 660v±10% (customers can also specify the voltage).
2. Output voltage: 6v 8v 12v 24v 36v 48v 110v 220v 380v (optional, the customer can also specify the voltage).
3. Power phase number: single phase.
4. Rated power: 2KVA 2kw 2 kilowatts.
Single-phase transformers are mainly used in equipment or instruments that require two-phase electricity. The transformers are mainly suitable for AC 50-60Hz equipment or occasions that require multiple voltage levels.
The isolation transformer is also called a safety transformer because it can isolate dangerous voltages: most of the isolation transformers are 1/1 transformers. The primary single-phase 220v of the isolation transformer, the secondary is also single-phase 220v, or the primary three-phase 380v, and the secondary is also Three-phase 380v, usually we use a single-phase AC power supply zero line is connected to the ground, and there is a potential difference of 220v between the other one and the ground. The secondary of the 1:1 single-phase isolation transformer DG-2KVA 2KW 2000W 220v to 220v is not connected to the ground, and any 2 lines of it have no potential difference with the ground, and people will not get electric shock when they touch one of the lines.
1:1 single-phase isolation transformer DG-2KVA 2KW2000W220v to 220v output terminal and input terminal are completely "open circuit" isolation, there is no direct electrical relationship between the primary and secondary, which can effectively protect the input terminal of the transformer (the power supply of the power grid). power supply) play a good filtering role