Medical Isolation transformer -1 kva pad mount transformer

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Medical isolation transformers are dedicated to medical IT systems.There are two kinds of conventional single-phase medical isolation transformer and special three-phase medical isolation transformer, whose conventional capacity is between 3.15 0KVA. The product core is made of imported high-quality precision silicon steel sheet superimposed, which has the characteristics of low loss and high conversion rate.Double insulation between windings is adopted, and electrostatic shielding layer is designed to minimize electromagnetic interference between the two windings.A temperature sensor is installed in the winding, which can be used to monitor the winding temperature.The whole transformer adopts vacuum coating treatment.Increased mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, low temperature rise.Low noise features, specially tailored for medical Settings.
□ Function Description
The medical isolation transformer separates the electrical lines in the unprotected area and the protected area in the medical area. All live conductors in the protected area are isolated from the ground to prevent the dangerous current on the insulation layer of the line from causing small electric shocks.Ensure a safe and reliable power supply for medical appliances in the premises to ensure safety.

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