The role of explosion-proof transformer -5 kva transformer

author: FT

I. Scope
This standard specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, inspection, packaging, storage and storage of KSG series dry transformers for mine use (hereinafter referred to as dry transformers).
This standard is applicable to the mine general dry type transformer which is not used in the underground coal mine with methane, coal dust and other non-explosive hazardous environment.
Ii. Normative reference documents
The terms in the following documents become terms of this Standard by reference to this Standard.For dated references, all subsequent amendments (excluding erratum) or revisions shall not apply to this Standard.However, parties to agreements under this standard are encouraged to study the availability of the latest version of these documents.For undated references, the latest version of the document applies to this standard.
Electrical equipment for general use in mines
Electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres-Part 1: General requirements
Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmosphere-Part 2: Flameproof type "d" GB1094.11-2007 "dry type power transformer"
GB/T10228-2015 "Dry Type Power transformer technical parameters and requirements"
JB/T3955-2006 "Mining general type Power transformer"
GB4208-2008 "Protection Grade of Casing"
GB1094.l-2013 Power transformers -- Part 1 General rules

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