Precautions when selecting chip inductors?

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What should I pay attention to when purchasing integrated chip inductors? How much do you know!
1、 Several problems should be paid attention to when purchasing integrated molded chip inductor?
1. The procurement instructions for the integrated inductor should pay attention to whether the inductance value, allowable error, test frequency, DC resistance, working current and other parameters of the inductor meet the circuit requirements. The values of the parameters in each county are different, and we have different understanding of the requirements of the post for the circuit system design and development affected.
2. Generally speaking, in the test of the overall formed inductor, please pay attention to the problem of the inductor heating, mainly because the working current of the inductor cannot meet the actual needs of the current in the circuit, and the working environment temperature exceeds the actual working environment temperature of the inductor, so it cannot meet the requirements of the standard circuit, and you also need to pay attention to the purchase of the inductor.
3. What is the difference between alloy powder and iron powder for integrated inductor? The alloy powder of the integrated molding inductor generally has good antirust effect and high induction value, but the current characteristics are poor. The current characteristics of iron powder are good, but the antirust effect is poor and the induction value is low. Surface treatment agents can be used to improve the antirust effect.
Integrated chip inductance
4. As for the warranty period of integrally formed inductors, we may lack some knowledge in this field. First of all, most conventional inductors are guaranteed for 6 months, but this also depends on the manufacturing process and storage environment of the inductors. In terms of service life, we should start with the characteristics of magnetic materials. Generally speaking, ferrite materials are sintered at more than 1000 ℃, so they have high strength, This shows that the quality of the inductor is relatively good.
5. Low loss alloy powder die casting, integrated inductance, low impedance, no lead end, integrated structure, firm, accurate thickness, and durable rust prevention. With small volume and large current, it still maintains an excellent temperature rise current and saturation current characteristics under high frequency, high temperature and environment, and its working time and frequency can cover a wide range of the country.
2、 Inductance of one-piece SMD inductor?
Same coil, same soft magnetic powder, but different sizes. Are the inductances of the two patches formed as a whole the same? Integrated development and molding of chip inductor: the coil specifications used are basically the same, and the coil is wrapped with the same kind of soft magnetic powder. The main size of the integrated molding technology is based on the two different chip inductors. At this time, because the inductance of the two inductors is the same in theory, or under the social idealism conditions, is the inductance the same? My understanding is that the inductance of these two inductors is the same. Although the shapes and sizes of the coils are different, the sizes of the coils are the same, so the sectional area of the magnetic core formed in the coils after the powder molding is the same, the length of the coils is the same, the number of turns of the coils is the same, and the magnetic permeability of the powder is the same, according to the empirical formula of inductance, L=k U. N2. A/l, so under ideal conditions, the inductance should be the same.