Selection of circular form of rectifier transformer line-380v transformer

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The selection of the circular form of the rectifier transformer line is related to capacity, voltage and connection method, usually, small voltage regulator high and low voltage coil are circular simple: for medium capacity rectifier transformer, when the low distance number is more, the low voltage coil is spiral, the high voltage coil is continuous, for the flow transformer, the low voltage line number is less, the current is large, usually double cake,The high voltage wire circle is in the form of coil and arrangement.
Small and medium-sized capacity rectifier transformer diagram arrangement is the same as power transformer, low voltage line round near the iron core, high voltage coil outside the low voltage coil: when the low voltage has two groups of coils, can also be lower high voltage - low voltage arrangement: large capacity rectifier transformer in order to low voltage lead line convenient, high voltage line national iron core,The low voltage coil is arranged outside the high voltage coil. The large capacity rectifier transformer has several rectifier banks working in parallel.
Rectifier transformer low voltage coil is divided into several groups.In order to limit the short-circuit current, the high-voltage diagram often requires that if the lead of the corresponding grouping large-capacity rectifier transformer is improperly arranged, the voltage drop caused by lead reactance may be large.If the reactance of each shunt lead is not equal, the current of each parallel working group will be distributed.Lead arrangement average: the strong AC magnetic field of the lead will also cause local overheating of the structural parts.The principle of lead arrangement should make the conduction phase the same, through the same size of the current and the opposite direction of the lead has close to the large current of the rectifier equipment sometimes uses the same phase and reverse parallel wiring mode, in order to reduce the reactance of the lead, this wiring mode is consistent with the principle of the lead arrangement, if the rectifier transformer burned out coil winding, about 15 days.
Transformer manufacturer 100kV · A and below the rectifier transformer is usually made into air self-cooling, placed in the rectifier cabinet, do not come with the case shell, medium capacity rectifier transformer is usually made into oil immersion self-cooling, outdoor devices.Large capacity rectifier transformer most outdoor devices, there are also semi-outdoor type, the cooling mode is selected according to different conditions, electrolytic rectifier transformer by a separate load regulating autotransformer voltage regulation, sometimes for the type of device and cooling mode to save the installation area, there will be more regulating autotransformer and rectifier transformer body installed in the same box.
Rectifier transformer rectifier is a combination of transformer and rectifier, the rectifier cabinet is directly installed on the side of the rectifier transformer.The advantages of this device, in addition to saving the installation area, but also short connecting line between the transformer and the rectifier, which can reduce the unequal current distribution between the rectifier group due to the unequal reactance of the connecting line, but also reduce the busbar loss and voltage drop, so that the power and power factor of the whole device to improve.

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