Toroidal transformers’ Internal composition

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The core of the toroidal transformer is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet (the thickness of the sheet is generally below 0.35mm), which is seamlessly rolled, which makes its core performance better than the traditional laminated core. The coil of the toroidal transformer is evenly wound around the core, and the direction of the magnetic force line generated by the coil is almost exactly coincident with the magnetic circuit of the core. Compared with the laminated transformer, the excitation energy and  core loss will be reduced by 25%. The ring core is made of silicon steel tape winding. The ring core has a continuous magnetic circuit, and the laminated core transformer has an air gap between the EI pieces. Therefore, the existence of large air gap reluctance is the main disadvantage of laminated transformer. The ring core has no air gap, and the electrical noise is much less than that of EI and C core
transformers. Using vacuum impregnation technology, can make the core into a solid whole, in the winding and machining process without deformation; Because the ring core is very strong, vibration and audio noise are reduced.
There are many ways to fix a toroidal transformer, the most common way is to use the center hole of the toroidal transformer. It should be noted that screws and other fasteners should not ground the top plate of the transformer and the bottom plate at the same time,  so as not to form a short circuit ring.

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