SMD coil inductance measurement

author: MagTop
SMD coil inductance is widely used in various 3C electronic products in daily life, such as: mobile phones, notebook computers, monitors, cameras, etc. However, the measurement method of SMD coil inductance is not as common as daily use. known. Next, Yite Electronics introduces two methods for measuring the inductance of chip coils.

SMD coil inductance measurement. In daily use:

①Make an AC generator, set the frequency to 100Hz, and output a relatively stable voltage of 10V,

② Install this circuit in the pointer multimeter, and change the multimeter, that is, string this circuit into the measurement loop during measurement

③ Find a few inductors with known inductance to measure, use high-grade for large inductance, low-grade for small inductance, and note the position of the needle deflection. Based on this, the approximate inductance of the patch coil can be estimated. Feel the amount.

SMD coil inductance measurement. Among scientific research units: use a dedicated SMD coil inductance tester, generally 10kHz or 1kHz for 10nH or above. If the inductance of the SMD coil inductance is relatively small, you can choose to increase the frequency . The inductance tester is used with a special chip coil inductance fixture, which can achieve a good contact effect and more stable test data.