Introduction to Toroidal transformer

author: MagTop
Toroidal transformer Product features:
Electric efficiency high core no air gap, stacking coefficient can be as high as 95%.
There is no air gap in the core, which can reduce the induced vibration noise of the core. The winding is evenly and tightly wrapped around the toroidal core, which effectively reduces the "buzzing"caused by magnetostriction.
Low operating temperature due to the iron loss can do 1.1W/kg, the iron loss is very small, the core temperature rise is low, the winding in the lower temperature core heat dissipation is good, so the transformer temperature rise is low.
Easy installation The toroidal transformer has only one mounting screw in the center, which is especially easy for quick installation and removal in electronic equipment.

The capacity of standard power transformer series is 8 ~1500VA, with small voltage adjustment rate, the temperature rise of full load is only 40℃, allowing short-time overload operation, suitable for the use of high requirements. The primary windings are insulated with class B (130℃) polyester film, which requires at least three layers of insulation tape, and can withstand the ac
4000V, 1min voltage test.
  1. Economical power transformer product series capacity of 50 ~ 1500VA.
  2. Isolation transformer product series capacity of 50 ~ 1000VA, all primary lead must use double insulation wire. The maximum temperature rise of the transformer is lower than 45 ° C. In addition, the isolation transformer for medical use also requires a temperature protection switch in the primary winding. When the core temperature reaches 120℃, the temperature protection switch is disconnected. When the temperature returns to normal, the switch automatically resets and closes.

Energy-saving benefit:

High efficiency
The toroidal transformer core is made of continuous continuous oriented silicon steel tape winding, after annealing will form a highly consistent flux guide, while the winding of the toroidal transformer is tightly covered by the toroidal core winding, magnetic flux density is high, because the torodial transformer can achieve a high electrical efficiency of 95%. 
Product advantages
The core of the toroidal transformer is seamlessly rolled from high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet (sheet thickness is generally less than 0.35mm), which makes its core performance better than the traditional stacked core. The coil of the toroidal transformer is evenly wound around the core, and the direction of the magnetic field lines produced by the coil almost coincides with
the magnetic circuit of the core. Compared with the stacked type, the excitation energy and core loss will be reduced by 25%, which brings the following series of advantages.
  1. High electric efficiency core without air gap, stacking coefficient can be as high as 95%, core permeability can be 1.5 ~ 1.8T
(stacking type core can only take 1.2 ~ 1.4T), electric efficiency is as high as 95%, no load current is only 10% of stacking type.
  1. small size, light weight ring transformer than stacked
transformer weight can be reduced by half, as long as the
cross-sectional area of the core is equal, ring transformer easy to change the length, width, high proportion of the core,
can be designed to meet the requirements of the size.
  1. Small magnetic interference toroidal transformer core has no air gap, winding evenly around the toroidal core, this structure leads to small magnetic leakage, electromagnetic radiation is also small, without additional shielding can be used in high sensitivity electronic equipment, such as low level amplifier and medical equipment.
4) Low vibration noise and no air gap can reduce the core.
The application fields of various toroidal transformers are described as follows:
1. Sound equipment
The plant's torodial transformer products, the first is well known
in audio equipment applications. For example, it can be used in 3 kinds of high-power high-fidelity amplifiers as power transformers of high performance products and power transformers for small
and medium power audio equipment. Power range from 6VA to 1000VA can use high quality toroidal transformer.
2. Electrical control
Such as current and voltage transformers. High precision and high stability transformer made by ring transformer process. 
Permoly soft magnetic material amorphous material or
nanocrystalline alloy and other new high-performance magnetic
materials can be used as magnetic cores, with precision intelligent instruments and special testing methods. It can ensure that the
transformer parameters are accurate and the performance is
completely consistent.
3. Medical equipment
Annular transformer specially designed and manufactured for
medical equipment. In addition to high efficiency, high reliability
and high safety requirements. Also especially strengthen the
anti - electric strength and improve the anti - heat performance. 
The transformer is required to increase the internal thermal fuse
to ensure reliability.
4. Application in other fields
Toroidal transformer can also be used in various sizes of power
inverter power supply, such as solar energy, wind power
generation system. The high efficiency torodial transformer with low loss core can greatly improve the overall efficiency of inverter
power supply.