Structure and working principle of low frequency transformer

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Working principle of low frequency transformer
The so-called low-frequency transformer refers to the low-voltage transformer with the same winding, which is directly connected in series with the original secondary winding and the low-voltage transformer.
Adjustable pressure and fixed type can also be subdivided according to the structure.
Autocoupling refers to electromagnetic coupling.
An ordinary low-voltage transformer transmits energy through the electromagnetic coupling of the primary secondary coil.
The original auxiliary side has no direct electrical contact, the original auxiliary side of the low voltage transformer has direct electrical contact, the low voltage coil is a part of the high voltage coil.
Communication cables are also used for cliff-jumping low-voltage transformers in communication cables.
Two or more coils are wound around a closed iron core.
When the coil enters AC current, AC current is applied according to the coil.
Communication AC electrostatic field On the transformer core, the main current of communication AC induces a self-induced potential difference in one coil, while the other coil (i.e. the second coil) leads to the communication inductance.
The change ratio is 1.5:1 ~ 2:1.
Working principle of low frequency transformer
In fact, the principle is the same as ordinary low-frequency transformer, but his primary coil is its secondary coil.
General low voltage transformer is the left original coil through electromagnetic induction voltage, low voltage transformer affects itself.
A low-frequency transformer is a low-voltage transformer with only one winding.
When used as a step-down transformer, only a partial turn of the winding is applied when part of the winding is taken out as a secondary winding to act as a step-up transformer.
The other part of the contour light cc compared with the traditional converter, the converter is called series set, ccc converter is not only small size, high efficiency, large volume, high operating frequency.
With the development trend of power distribution system, the increase of output power level and the expansion of power distribution equipment capacity, self-replenishing capacitors have been widely used because of their large capacity, low power consumption and low cost.