The role of wound inductor, the difference between wound inductor and chip inductor

author: MagTop
wound inductors,chip inductors,SMD inductors
This paper mainly introduces the function of wound inductors. Wound inductors are different from chip inductors.
Wound inductor is suitable for power supply circuit, widely used in micro TV, LCD TV, camera and so on.
Winding inductors characteristics
1. Suitable for power supply circuit.
2. Surface bonding type.
3. Comply with appearance and size EIA can choose different sizes and specifications standards.
4. Good welding heat resistance, suitable for general welding and back welding.
Application: The product is widely used in micro TV, LCD TV, camera, portable VRC, car stereo, thin radio, TV tuner, mobile phone and so on.
Wound inductors
The role of SMD wound inductors.
Basic functions: filtering, oscillation, delay, sink wave, etc.
Image statement: through DC, AC resistance.
- In the electronic circuit, the inductor to AC limited, can form a high or low pass filter with resistor or capacitor, phase shift circuit and resonant circuit;
The transformer can perform AC coupling, variable voltage, variable current and impedance transformation.
The effect of the patch wound inductance seems to be somewhat opposite.
We have said that capacitors are traffic resistors and inductors are just the opposite.
It acts as a traffic resistance.
The magnetic field generated by direct current passing through the inductor is in the same direction and does not change.
Ac is positive and negative change, so the magnetic field will also change, because it is a short time from positive (negative) to negative (positive), assuming the first positive potential and rise, so the magnetic field around the inductor increases, the maximum, and then the potential begins to drop, due to the surrounding magnetic field, the inductor will convert the surrounding magnetic field into electrical energy, keeping the electrical energy for a while, conversely, thus stopping the AC current.
The difference between wound inductors and SMD inductors
SMD inductors:
High power inductors are attached to the surface.
2. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance.
3. Mainly used in computer display board card, laptop computer, pulse memory programming and DC-DC converter.
4. Reel packing is suitable for surface automatic installation.
1. Flat surface is suitable for surface mounting.
2. Excellent solder performance, good end face strength.
3. High Q value and low impedance.
4, low magnetic leakage, low direct resistance, high current resistance.
5. Can provide braided packaging, easy automatic assembly.