The difference between chip inductors and magnetic ring inductors

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Common Mode Chokeswire wound chip inductor

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 There are many types of chip inductors, but they are all chip inductors (SMD inductor); magnetic ring inductors are mostly plug-in, and magnetic ring inductors are also common mode inductors. Generally, magnetic ring inductors have two sets of windings, but one This kind of magnetic ring inductance is a bit special. Most of the windings of the chip magnetic ring inductance are in a single group, and there is still a big difference between them.
In terms of production process, the magnetic ring inductance is a common mode inductance. During production and installation, it mainly relies on manual insertion and machine insertion. However, most of the windings of the patch power are in a single group. He can rely on the machine to plug in to the highest degree. Save time and labor costs.
It is also easy to distinguish them from the appearance. The magnetic ring inductor has long pins, while the SMD inductor does not;
The magnetic core of the magnetic ring inductor is in a ring, and the enameled wire is wound on it, and the chip inductor is wound the enameled wire on the magnetic core.

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