The Knowledge of high-frequency transformer construction

author: MagTop
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A high-frequency transformer is a (static) electrical device that changes the voltage and current of the AC mains without changing the frequency. At the same frequency, electrical energy is transmitted by converting the AC voltage and current of one system into the AC voltage and current of at least one other system by electromagnetic induction. Therefore, a high-frequency transformer should generally have at least two windings with different turns (rated voltage) and be connected to at least two systems with different AC voltage values.

High-frequency transformers are AC electrical equipment that works by electromagnetic induction. Therefore, it must have an iron core as a magnetic circuit; It must have at least two windings with different common turns (i.e. rated voltage); Due to the potential difference between the winding and the ground, there must be a corresponding insulation system, etc. In other words, the three basic parts of the core, winding and insulation system are indispensable components of any high-frequency transformer.