The purpose of the transformer

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toroidal power transformers
Transformers are used in almost all electronic products. Its principle is simple, but the winding process of transformers will have different requirements according to different applications (different uses). The functions of the transformer mainly include: voltage transformation; impedance transformation; isolation;
The use of transformers
Modern industrial enterprises widely use electricity as an energy source, and the electricity generated by power plants often needs to be transmitted over long distances to reach the electricity-consuming areas. At a constant transmitted power, the higher the transmission voltage, the less current is required. Because the voltage drop is proportional to the current. The line loss is proportional to the square of the current, so a lower line voltage drop and line loss can be obtained with a higher transmission voltage. To manufacture a generator with a high voltage, the current technology is very difficult, so special equipment should be used to connect the generator. The voltage of the terminal is increased and then sent out. This special equipment is the transformer. On the other hand, at the receiving end, a step-down transformer must be used to reduce the high voltage to the voltage of the distribution system, so a series of distribution transformers are required to reduce the high voltage to an appropriate value for use.
As can be seen from the above, the transformer is a static induction electrical appliance that transmits alternating current power by changing the voltage.
In the power system, the status of the transformer is very important, not only the required quantity is large, but also the performance is good, and the operation is safe and reliable.
In addition to being used in power systems, transformers are also used in industrial and mining enterprises that require special power supplies. For example: electric furnace transformers for smelting, rectifier transformers for electrolysis or chemical industry, welding transformers for welding, test transformers for testing, traction transformers for transportation, and reactors for compensation, arc suppression coils for protection, measurement transformers, etc.