The role of RJ45 plug/crystal head

author: MagTop
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RJ45 plug, also known as RJ45 crystal plug (RJ45 Modular Plug), is used for the termination of data cables to realize the connection and change between equipment and distribution frame modules. The RJ45 crystal head is required to have good conduction performance; the gold-plated thickness of the contact three-pronged reed is 50μm, which meets the Super 5 transmission standard and conforms to the T568A and T568B line sequence; it has the functions of preventing loosening, plugging and unplugging, and self-locking.
The RJ45 plug is a standard connector in copper wiring, and it and the socket (RJ45 module) together form a complete connector unit. The connector composed of these two components is connected between the wires to realize the electrical continuity of the wires. It is also an integral part of the finished jumper of the integrated wiring technology, and the RJ45 crystal head is usually connected to both ends of the twisted pair cable. In the standard integrated wiring design and installation, this accessory product is usually not listed separately, that is, it is not recommended that the user complete the connection between the twisted pair and the RJ45 plug by himself.